Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mad Max's Nazi Whores (or are they?)

I have been soiling myself (so you don't have to) delving into the pit of filth and sordid sexuality that is the Max Mosley scandal, which has now entered the realms of the surreal with last weekend's revelation that one of the dominatrices involved is married to an MI5 officer. He has been forced to resign; and "questions have been asked", as the saying goes, about how this apparent failure of vetting (if such it was) could have occurred, given the strict standards that are assumed to be in place. Or was is all a set-up? Spooks was never this good.

Anyway, I have compiled a report on my findings. Since it is rather longer and of a more sexually explicit nature than is usual on this site, I have consigned it (appropriately) to my dungeon, which has hitherto been as empty of inmates as was the Bastille in 1789. Enjoy.


Edwin said...

Oh my dear Heresiarch thanks for the offer but I shall not be going there, and am glad to hear your dungeon is as sparsely inhabited as the Bastille in 1789.

You know, of course, that de Sade was transferred out of the Bastille about a week before the storming, and 'Sadists Out' has always seemed to me to be a much-underused demo chant.

The sex thing shouldn't surprise us - Muggeridge and Graham Greene were SIS agents in Africa during WWII and heaven (or the other place) knows what they got up to.

Most spooks are weird and grubby, I gather. A friend of mine in olden times was offered a fast-track path in the secret service and went through a series of ludicrous interviews with various certifiable characters, one of whom was an outrageously camp old man, who told him that one of 'our best men' would be vetting him. One of 'our best men' turned out to be a goon with a scar on his face who asked the same question of a priest, academics, neighbours, friends, family, the local newsagent - 'Is this boy a fucking poof or what? is he a bender?'

And didn't one of the heads of the secret service, the original M or C or whatever it is, - share his wife with Alisteir Crowley? The married life of this MI5 guy seems actually quite bland!

And would just like to add that a friend of a friend interviewed Nicholas Mosley and thought he was the nicest man she'd ever met. Families can be shite.

The Heresiarch said...

The Crowley thing is quite possible. I remember reading that Ian Fleming once tried to recruit him for the purpose of debriefing Rudolf Hess. The theory being, presumably, that they were both as mad as each other.