Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sex and the Slutmaster

Interest in the Brand/Ross affair would seem to have faded somewhat, despite the mutually-supporting attempts of the Mail and the self-publicising Georgina "Voluptua" Baillie to keep it going. Yesterday, the paper splashed some pictures of Baillie "performing" at the weekend - fake blood and everything - together with extracts from an interview she had conducted with an unnamed magazine in which she blamed her brief foray into the world of hardcore porn - or "adult modelling work", as she termed it - on her drug dependency. Great news for the Mail, which gets to harrumph about both drugs and porn while yet again showing us the pictures. Great news also for Baillie, whose attempts at contrition ring a little hollow when set against her evident love of the limelight.

Me, I've been pursuing an altogether more serious news agenda. Obviously. As one of my regular Heretics remarked, Manuelgate encapsulates so many of the themes this blog has been interested in this past year and a bit that I might have orchestrated it myself. Apart from the tittle-tattle, and the debate around the role of the BBC in shaping national standards of taste and decency, the workings of the media industry, the Goth scene that James was exploring (in a quite different context) the other day, the "blasphemy" implied in the name Satanic Sluts, even a bizarre and improbable connection with the Max Mosley saga that occupied the Heresiarch so much earlier this year, the story also brings to mind the present government's attitude to porn and, more broadly, to sexuality as evidenced in its Extreme Porn Ban.

This article is a little longer than usual and of a more explicit nature than the delicate sensibilities of some readers of Heresy Corner may bear. So if you want to read on (and I hope you do) please follow THIS LINK to the Dungeon.

And may the Lord have mercy on your soul.

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passer by said...

"Great news for the Mail, which gets to harrumph about both drugs and porn while yet again showing us the pictures."

Also great news for Heresy Corner which reports the same?