Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heresy Corner?
Heresy Corner is a blog covering politics, religion, culture, current events and quirky stories that have attracted my interest. It tends to be deliberative rather than ranty, but I like to inject humour where possible.  The blog is based in Britain, and has a British perspective. However, it is international in scope and interests.

Where are you coming from politically?
Depends what mood I'm in. More right than left, liberal, anti-authoritarian, anti-statist, pro-Enlightenment, anti-superstition, sceptical.
Who is the Heresiarch?
My name is Nelson Jones.

I've heard a good story. Will you feature it on Heresy Corner?
I'm always happy to hear tips, tales and gossip. Contact me.

What is Heresiarch's Dungeon?
The Dungeon was originally designed as a space for longer, more considered articles about various topics. So far I have mainly used it for articles of a more risqué nature than typically appear on Heresy Corner. Usually I link to the Dungeon every time I put a new article up there: however, this is not always the case - I sometimes hide juicy tidbits in there, too.

Are you available for hire?
Definitely.  Yes please. If you are a commercial media outlet and wish to reproduce Heresy Corner posts in whole or in part, please get in touch.  Unauthorised reproduction in breach of copyright will be followed up.
Can I write a guest post?
Contact me. If it's good enough I'll put it up. I am always looking to feature different perspectives and topics.
How many people read Heresy Corner?
It varies. The best daily total so far was almost 4,500. Typically it's in the high hundreds, but the trends are upwards. I don't generally reveal exact figures, or keep a running commentary. But you are not alone.

What's your comments policy?
Generally, the more the merrier. Comments are the fuel that keeps blogs in orbit. I may delete comments that are obscene or gratuitously offensive. Or then again, I may not. Generally, free speech rules.  However,  Heresy Corner is meant to be a forum for civilised debate, not flaming or gratuitous offensiveness.  Please respect the traditions of the blog, and your fellow commenters.

I have a great blog. Do you do reciprocal links?
I'm always on the lookout for good blogs to link to. Political or philosophical agreement is not required. More important is that your blog is worth reading. I don't have a policy of automatically linking back; and it is a matter of indifference to me whether those I link to link back.  Please don't be offended if you link to me and I don't link back.  It may simply be that I am unaware of your link.

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