The Heresiarch's Testimonials

The excellent Heresy Corner blog
John Henley, The Guardian

Intelligent, well-argued posts that tackle lazy thinking wherever it’s found.
Shane Richmond, Communities editor,

Thank you for your blog, most insightful
Riazat Butt, religion correspondent, The Guardian

The most civilised part of the Web
Edwin Moore, author, ex-senior editor, HarperCollins

One of my favourite blogs
Jonathan Calder, Liberal England

I am a long-term fan of Heresy Corner, which combines razor-sharp analysis with a brilliant sense of the absurd. The writing is illuminating and insightful, and deserves to be very widely read. It's one of my favourite blogs on the net.
Milo Yiannopoulos, Counterknowledge

If you only follow one right-wing blogger, make sure it's this one
Left Outside

Archbishop Cranmer

As you know I rarely agree with anything you say but despite that I still think Heresy Corner is one of the best blogs on the net.
Cath Elliott, writer and activist

Well written, well researched and, occasionally, hilariously funny. The author doesn't so much write about as skewer their subjects - there's a varied number of targets and enough content to hold the interest for a serious amount of time. One of the best blogs we have read.

The ever excellent Heresy Corner
Jackart, A Very British Dude

The fabulous Heresiarch
Alix Mortimer

I often dip into Heresy Corner for some interesting and provocative views that are always thought through.
James Carey, comedy writer

I liked the thoughtful Heresy Corner
Lee Rosenbaum, arts journalist, CultureGrrl

My favourite write-up is this one from Heresy Corner
Lynne Featherstone MP

Should anyone wonder why Heresy Corner is held in such high regard, this ... should prove instructive. When something is this well written & persuasively argued , you wonder whether it’s even possible to make a critique, even if you do have disagreements.
Neil Robertson, The Bleeding Heart Show

I vote for Heresy Corner
Ambassador Charles Crawford, Diplomatic Blogoir

I have never read anything uninteresting here . That is rare on and off line.
Frank Fisher

Heresy Corner always provides thoughtful, well written and original content.
Church Mouse

The Guardian article seems largely based on the digging done by Heresy Corner
Cabinet of Wonders

Here is is an interesting blog post...sometimes it's worth taking a blunderbuss to a mite
Oliver Kamm

A thorough examination of events at Heresy Corner
National Secular Society

The Heresiarch has done a sterling job...a beautifully written and comprehensive demolition of this completely fucking stupid idea
Devil's Kitchen

I look to you and people like Alix Mortimer for motivation to improve my writing and the quality of my reasoning.
Charlotte Gore

I just found this... and wanted to direct your attention to it: a very good piece indeed
Rachel North

Heresy Corner... an excellent blog
Professor Mary Beard, Cambridge University, A Don's Life

Heresiarch is a good read with posts on every topic under the sun except the obvious.
NightJack, Winner Orwell Prize for Blogging 2009

Heresy Corner has no time for half-baked arguments
British Library, Taking Liberties exhibition

I very seldom link to article without providing any commentary or context, but this post at British blog Heresy Corner is such a great piece, I am merely going to implore you to go there and take it in.
Fabienne, Gift of the Fab

From The Heresiarch we have this quite brilliant piece skewering the dimwitted idiocy of Harriet Harman's latest loonacy. Do go read it - it's great.
Counting Cats in Zanzibar

The Heresiarch... always does a good job of demolishing nonsense
Paul Sims, New Humanist Magazine

Your blog is splendid
Father James Rattue, author, historian, priest

It is really a most excellent blog
John Ozimek, The Register

The best posts here have been marked out by great research, good writing, and canny media analysis, none of which are qualities that belong to the left or right wings.
Jack Mottram, journalist

Apart from his wit and erudition, the graciousness and fine moral sense of the firmly atheist Heresiarch humble a Christian like Cranmer's Curate who is all too inclined to be a 'hearer' of the Word of God rather than a 'doer' of it (James 1v22).
Rev Julian Mann, Cranmer's Curate

Just brilliantly written, well researched and annoyingly far better than my meandering drivel
Carter Magna

Hits the nail squarely on the head
Netsmith, Adam Smith Institute

I enjoy reading your blog. Your writing is stimulating and erudite (if at times misguided) and your range embraces isssues that matter. Your views deserve a wider audience - as a counterpoint to Kamm, perhaps?
Peter Bracken

The best article or post that I have read on this controversy is at Heresy Corner and puts the case far more eloquently than I ever could
Curly's Corner Shop

Your nomination for the Orwell Prize was thoroughly deserved, and your blog is indeed well worth people visiting.
Letters from a Tory

I am a great fan of your site. I also admire your succinct prose
Allen Green, solicitor and legal bloggerJack of Kent

Superb article, that man! Keep up the good work
John Demetriou, blogger, Boateng and Demetriou

Mark Wadsworth, blogger

Thankfully, I don't have to think of something to say, because Heresiarch does such a good job himself
Stuart Sharpe, Sharpe's Opinion

Over at Heresy Corner, the Heresiarch has an interesting analysis of the story
Mark Fitchett, Jottings

Hats off to Heresy Corner, a blog that wondered what exactly what was going on here
Ordinary Gweillo

Your blog really is excellent. I've spent the last hour trawling through with interest, which is a great testimony given that QI is on the box.

Heresy Corner has produced a blog post of pure class and brilliance, which had me spellbound and laughing my socks off
eChurch Christian Blog

There really isn't anything to add.
Savage Popcorn

Great Site. Wicked attitude. Infernal sense of the bizarre.
"Queen Mudder", satirist,

The great and glorious Heresy Corner
Andrea Fletcher

Frighteningly insightful

I looked in on your blog. Like it!
Andy Armitage, Freethinker

Veers wildly between maddening and brilliant
John Band

Heresy Corner, a weblog worth a read
Things Magazine

The ever-marvellous Heresiarch
Clair Lewis, folk musician; disabled and sexual rights campaigner

For a "vanilla", I was particularly impressed.
Leia-Ann Woods, spank model

And if you have time, do read some more of Heresy Corner, as it is very, very good.
Silas the Hobbit

I found a blog entry on Heresy Corner that is better researched than my own musings
W. Doug Bolden

If only there where more people in the world who would investigate, rather than presume.
Spanked Hortic

Excellent, thoughtful prose... Many things have me shouting at the screen these days, but very few have me shouting, "Yes, that's the point!"

Big H
Valdemar Squelch

This is my favourite blog on the Internet and have been reading it avidly since the new year; the posts are a lot better than most newspapers.
"The Real Ale Kid"

The unfailingly perspicacious Heresiarch
Chameleon, Redemption Blues

This is great!
Ms Slide, Elite London Mistress

His important dudeliness qualifies him... he's quite a peach
Jill, I Blame the Patriarchy

I found your blog when it was BoingBoinged a while ago, and I've been enjoying it

I'm one of the new readers. I came following links to your "I don't believe it" article but then saw several other interesting things. I think I'll keep reading.
Michael Chermside

"As far beyond the Bishops as the Bishops are above common men, these blasphemous beings control forces capable of sending mere mortals screaming in terror. The Heresiarch knows several spells, including a strong reflective spell, two types of magical attack, and a summoning spell that gates in Dark Bishops to aid the Heresiarch. Only a superb warrior can defeat a Heresiarch without sustaining serious injury."
Hexen Arcanum

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