On the House

Desperately trying to cash in on the Belle de Jour fallout, the News of the World carries an interview with an artificially busty 25-year old who - strapped for cash as a student - threw over a potential legal career for the easy money of the "high-class" escorting circuit.

"Six years later she has £300,000 in the bank, a posh North London flat, a soft-top sports car and a boob job," we learn. "Stunning" Paige Ashley tells of posing as the wife of a businessman in his sixties - £30,000 for a week - and a £20,000 night with three Arab plutocrats in Abu Dhabi. It sounds - and is clearly meant to - sleazy rather than glamorous. Paige is full of the usual regrets about her champagne lifestyle, wishing she was still poor and honest. "I'd love to turn back the clock and be slumming it in a bedsit."

And yet of course these trinkets are endearing...

Paige's parents, whose refusal to help her out when she started university was, she claims, responsible for her fall into vice, took the news in their stride. Her mother's attitude was "as long as they wear a condom"; dad "shook his head and got on with life". It makes you wonder.

Anyway, this was the bit that caught my eye:

Her worst bookings with her new agency have been in Britain - with MPs. She said: "My job has taken me right to the heart of Westminster. I've had sex with about a dozen MPs at different times, all of them Conservatives and all what I'd term upper-class.

"They seem to think they're being naughty by spending £5,000 to have a night with me. They're rubbish in bed - all fingers and fumbling. I find them pretty distasteful.

"Funnily enough, since the expenses scandal broke I haven't met any."

Why not? Were they putting her on expenses?


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