Switching sides

I promised no more spanking, but this really takes the breath away. Woman E - or bra-cam, as she might well be called - has given an interview to Kay Burley of Sky News. They're calling her "Michelle", though I've no idea if this is her name any more than Mistress Abi was. And you can clearly see her face. I must say, she looks very different without her leathers on, like a teacher or someone who works in a local government office. I assume this all means the embargo is lifted. Among other things, she:

  • apologises profusely to the other women, to Max Mosley, and to Mosley's wife
  • denies that there was anything "Nazi" about the events in Chelsea
  • claims that she was "put under massive pressure" by the News of the World into signing off on an "interview" which she knew was a pack of lies
  • states that getting involved with the News of the World was the worst mistake she's ever made in her life and,
  • advises anyone else considering selling their story to the Screws that "no money is worth this sort of trouble and anguish".

Sky is of course part of the News International empire. Just like the News of the World. It's nice to know Rupert Murdoch has all bases covered. But Miss E's interview, together with some remarks by Mr Justice Eady, could well be enough to charge at least one Screws reporter with blackmail. And possibly with perjury as well. Will Neville Thurlbeck still have a job in the morning? More importantly, if NI are prepared to (presumably) pay her to trash the reputation of their best-selling newspaper, you have to wonder what's in it for them. Is there something else she's agreed not to tell the whole world? I wonder, for example, if Miss E's husband made the initial approach to the NotW newsdesk entirely unprompted, as the paper claimed in court. Perhaps they had spoken to him previously on some other matter - like what someone like in his position was doing married to a professional dominatrix, for example. Pure speculation, of course.


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