Merry Mahmoud

So, Channel 4 have hit upon the radical, headline- (and, they hope, ratings-) grabbing ploy of booking the eccentric Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver their "alternative" Christmas message.

I know that the Heresiarch prides himself on being a little ahead of the curve, but this is ridiculous. Heresy Corner brought its (in those early days) few readers Christmas Greetings from the Tehran-based philosopher more than a year ago.

Here's part of what he said on that occasion:

Today’s status quo of the world is obvious of everyone. In occupied Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and South America and even in Europe and North America, due to the interests of despotic dominant rulers’ parties and clans and also for filling up their pockets, the dignity, benevolence, peace and tranquility of the human beings have been taken to abattoir and slaughtered. And then, lie and deception are positioned for honesty and truth.

Frankly, if Jesus Christ – the Messiah (peace be upon Him) was present today, how would He react?

This year, apparently, he

Speaks about society's problems and crises being rooted in its rejection of the message of God's prophets including Jesus. He also criticises the "indifference of some governments and powers towards the teachings of the divine prophets, especially those of Jesus Christ".

It seems that, rather like our own Queen, Mahmoud says the same thing every year. And, what is worse, insists on leaking it in advance. Time was, these messages were as closely guarded as the budget used to be. Now it's only the seasonal episode of Doctor Who that is kept under wraps. I wonder what we should read into that.


Edwin said…
'Heresy Corner brought its (in those early days) few readers . . .'

Indeed many more readers now. Many thanks Heresiarch for a splendid year. Am not sure how you manage to be ahead of the game, but ahead of the game you often are - and always a pleasure to read.

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