America's New Tory Boy

In Britain baby-faced 13 year old boys only hit the headlines when they get their girlfriends up the duff. But here's young Jonathan Krohn wowing fellow Republicans at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington last Friday.

Krohn, who was home schooled - a phrase which Stateside tends to imply cultism of one sort or another - is a veteran trouper, acting since the age of eight. He was named "Atlanta’s Most Talented Child" in 2006 and lists among his hobbies playing golf with politicians. His book setting out his political philosophy, Define Conservatism - based on research and interviews with politicians he conducted himself - came out last year. William Hague, you weren't even trying.

(Via Wonkette)


Anonymous said…
It'll all end in drugs and a sex scandal, you mark my words ...

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