Catch 22

Why do you wish to study in the United Kingdom?

- To learn English. I've heard that the best place to learn English is in England, among English-speakers. There are many colleges in Britain teaching English to foreign students. I've enrolled at one of those.

Can you speak English to at least GCSE level?

- No. That's why I want to come to England - to learn English.

Sorry, you don't meet the requisite standard of spoken and written English under the new rules for non-EU students announced today by the Home Secretary. Learn English first. Then you can come to Britain. Otherwise you might be a bogus student.

- But if I could speak English, I wouldn't need to come to England to learn English, would I? Why should I want to come to England to take a beginners' course in English, if I was already proficient in the language? Wouldn't that make me a bogus student?

Have you tried Australia? I hear they speak English over there.


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