Better a Cannibal than a Catholic

The Standard has spotted a typically trenchant observation from the recently published collection of the Queen Mother's letters.  Travelling to some South Sea Island, perhaps near to the one where her son-in-law is worshipped as a living god, she wrote:

The natives are very diseased and are rapidly dying out.  Instead of being strong, healthy cannibals with strange religions and no clothes, they are now half-hearted Roman Catholics, with European clothes.  It seems all wrong but that is what happens.

David Icke will no doubt take this as confirmation that, like the rest of her brood, the QM was a blood-drinking lizard, with a keen sense of the benefits of a diet of human flesh.  The rest of us just have to wonder whether the remark displays the royal family's progressive appreciation of cultural diversity (the world is a richer place with naked cannibals in it, after all, so long as they're not eating anyone you know) or just a case of anti-Catholic prejudice.  Ex-cannibals in that part of the world are just as likely to be half-hearted Methodists these days, after all.


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