The Heresiarch speaks to a benighted world

Peering up through the abyss where I was confined by the excommunications of that Babylonic whore, the Pope (I forget which, but I think it was one of the Innocents), I see everywhere on the surface the malodorous effects of conviction.

Humanity is frozen out by dogma. Thought by caution. Democracy by common sense.

Everywhere I see snarling reactionaries disguised as pillars of reason, totalitarians disguised as liberals. I see resentment, and ill-concealed rage. I see nice, moral people placing themselves in positions of authority and then acting with ruthlessness and cynicism to feather their own consciences. I see enlightenment besieged by the children of Voltaire.

And I think to myself, Why do they still love dogma? Why do they still need dogma? Why don't they think for themselves?

Come here and think. Be outraged, be offended, be comforted. Get angry. Hate those who oppress you, but hate yourself more for letting them.


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