View from Tehran

Here are some Iranians talking about the US election. The quality isn't very good, but bear with it: some of leading commentator Mohammad Ali Fardanesh's comments are actually quite incisive. On Obama:

The problem with Mr. Obama is his education... The Americans cannot accept him because they consider him an elitist – someone who thinks he is above others, because he is better educated. They don’t understand that his education would enable him to serve them better.

On McCain:

He doesn’t know anything, poor thing. He is terrible. Let me tell you, he’s awful... True, Obama has no experience, but McCain not only has no experience, but doesn’t even know where “abroad” is. The poor thing is very absent-minded.

On Sarah Palin:

She was the mayor of a town of 10,000 residents. The previous governor of Alaska was a very corrupt man, and anybody running against him would have won. That’s how she won.

Some Republicans are quite excited by this video, because they think it shows Obama supporters think like Iranians. But of course anywhere outside the United States you can hear virtually the same opinions. Fardanesh just puts it a bit more bluntly.


Anonymous said…
Fardanesh is quite right. McCain seems a little disconnected from the events going on around him, at times even a bit puzzled. He also looks very frail to me. I think a Palin presidency some time in the next four years, if the Reps get in, is a strong possibility. That must be a worry, to put it mildly.

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