Blowing my own trumpet

Apparently Heresy Corner has made it into Wikio's Top Twenty of British blogs this month:

1Liberal Conspiracy
2Left Foot Forward
3Guy Fawkes' blog
4Iain Dale's Diary
6Labour Uncut
7Sticky Fingers
8A Spoon Full of Sugar
9Papertake Weekly Challenge
10Cute Card Thursday
11Liberal Democrat Voice
12ConservativeHome's ToryDiary
13allsorts challenge blog
14Charisma Cardz
15Heresy Corner
16Political Scrapbook
17Saturday Challenge
18Stamping Ground
19ABC challenge
20Westminster Blog

Ranking made by Wikio

That's the general list. Stripping out the craftwork blogs, I would seem to have made the Top Ten in the political category. I'm sure Matt Wardman is right that this is mainly due to the Paul Chambers post going viral on Twitter, itself largely as a consequence of its being noticed by Stephen Fry. It won't last long. Still, I've been staring at the frosted glass for long enough, being resolutely ignored by Iain Dale, so it's nice to be in among the big boys. I feel I've earned my right to feel smug.

Self-promotion aside, the most striking feature of the political Top Ten is the continued march of the Left. Fully half the leaderboard is made up of avowedly Labour sites, including the leading two. There are only two proper Conservative blogs in the list: Dale and Tory Diary (I may dress to the right but I'm unaffiliated; Guido is a libertarian who dishes it out to both sides.) Lib Dem Voice is also up there, which means that Opposition blogs are currently beating the Coalition 5-3. This may reflect the subversive, oppositional nature of the medium, or the fact that the Left currently has much soul-searching to do (see, for example, this searing indictment of Labour self-righteousness by the party's former general secretary Peter Watt) or perhaps a falling off of anger among Conservatives since Brown and Co were ejected from office. Blogging is so often fuelled by impotent rage. The loss of the Right's blogging momentum may, though, be an early indication of trouble to come. We shall see.


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