The New 'Varsity Rag

With apologies to Sir John Betjeman

I'm afraid those folks from the Sixties rather wish they had
The social media manners of a modern undergrad,
For tho' they were awf'lly worthy and up to a demo or four
You want to have the networked touch if you're going to outwit the Law.

CHORUS: We had a rag at Westminster. We had a rag in Whitehall,
And when we reached the Cenotaph we really had a ball.
We clambered over railings, but what really made my day
Someone pissed on Churchill's statue in a not respectful way.

We jeered at the politicians as they did their voting there
And then we marched our placards down to Trafalgar Square;
And we each had paint-filled baubles, and I'm happy to confess,
We threw them at policemen and they made a fearful mess.

CHORUS: We, etc.

We rolled down to the Treasury and knocked some windows in
And when we saw the royal car we made a dreadful din
And then we daubed some slogans, but what was the funniest part
When we got inside the Gallery we spared the works of art.

CHORUS : We, etc.

It was almost like the Bullingdon as we bayed for broken glass,
For the rioting student nowadays is a better sort of class,
But its funny how the Fuzz ride in and smash us in the head,
And pen us up in kettles till we almost freeze to death.

CHORUS: We, etc.


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