Djinns not pyromaniacs, say police

More alleged Djinn activity in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Gazette quotes the Civil Defence Chief in Jeddah as saying that there "is no truth" in suggestions that a family suffering from repeated fires at its home in the south of the city is being targeted by a djinn. This despite the family concerned being "at the end of their tether" after suffering 28 fires in the past year, all of which mysteriously started at around eight o’clock in the evening.

“We are continually having to buy new furniture,” said one of the Al-Marwani family.
“We can’t sleep at night and the children are suffering in the performance at school.”
The family have tried everything in their means to put an end to their misery, bringing in sheikhs specializing in “ruqya” Qur’anic readings to solve the problem as well as preachers to exorcise “harmful spirits.”

One sheikh said he could rid the family of their problem, but required payment of SR15,000. “To make matters worse,” the family said, “the fire services haven’t been able to control some of the fires, and the Hai’a attempts to break the spell have proven unsuccessful.”


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