Simon Singh's Banned Article

Today, Sense About Science is encouraging bloggers to republish Simon Singh's now notorious Guardian article Beware the Spinal Trap, which forms the basis of the British Chiropractic Association case against him.

Like most of those involved in today's stunt, New Humanist are a bunch of wimps:

As that original article is part of an ongoing legal case, there is no option but to edit out that section in this instance. Nevertheless, the piece retains Simon's key concerns about the validity of chiropractic in treating a wide range of conditions, and the potential medical dangers related to such practices.

I, however, am more than happy to post up the whole thing, which you can find in my dungeon. Further details of the mass-dissemination campaign may be found here.

As for the fate of Simon Singh's appeal, that remains uncertain, though there have been some depressing rumours. Confirmation either way is expected in a couple of days. I'll let you know when there's reliable news.


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