The Heresiarch Twitters

After more than a year of prevarication, I've finally registered for a Twitter account. This is despite the fact that some impostor has long since swiped the name "Heresiarch". My updates, assuming there are any, will be found under the account name Heresy_Corner (with connecting underscore) and should also magically appear in the sidebar to your right.

I intend mainly to twitter/tweet/twittify things I've come across relating to the usual Heresy Corner topics, rather than personal minutiae, in which there is no conceivable interest for anyone. Having previously deliberately avoided the world of Twitter, partly because of its enormous potentiality for timewasting and partly because the 140 character limit is alien to my naturally verbose style, I've been converted by its undoubted utility as a news source. I hope both to give and receive.

I'm completely new to this, so I apologise in advance to anyone interested enough to follow my no doubt superfluous twitterings if they don't make much sense at first. I'd also be very grateful to any Twitterers out there willing to share tips on how to make this thing work and who is worth following.


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