British Spinewizards Association: Setting the Record Straight

The British Spinewizards Association is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its long-lasting legal action against the defamatory and hurtful lies of Dr Simon Singh.

Technically, the decision of the Court of Appeal went against us, in that it wrongly found that when he accused us of happily promoting bogus treatments for which there was not a jot of evidence he was expressing an honest opinion. Rather than making the scandalous claims about us that he obviously was. However, we are still satisfied that we won a resounding victory, for the following reasons:

1) Mr Justice Eady agreed with us. Mr Justice Eady is the most experienced libel judge in the country. His opinion matters far more than three tossers in the Court of Appeal, one of whom humorously styles himself Lord Judge. And expects to be taken seriously. Bogus or what? The Court of Appeal know nothing about libel and were obviously talking out their arses. So really, we won.

2) Simon Singh has repeatedly said that he did not intend to accuse us of lying. All he meant to say was that we couldn't care less about scientific evidence, which is entirely different and in no way harmful to our reputation. Get that? Simon APOLOGISED. So we have magnanimously agreed to accept his grovelling apology.

3) Our lawyers - who advised us that we could screw money out of Simon Singh by taking him in front of Mr Justice Eady - think we could have won in the Supreme Court. That's good enough for us. Simon Singh hasn't won, it's just we aren't going to give him the opportunity of losing properly.

4) Thanks to all the publicity the case has attracted, many more people not just in Britain but throughout the world are aware of the benefits of spine-wizardry in treating all manner of ailments. Business is booming. That's why our members will be happy to stump up the costs of Simon Singh's legal team. This one's on us, Simon.

We leave this libel action with our heads held high. We won the support of the country's top libel judge, Simon Singh APOLOGISED, and we have demonstrated our commitment to free speech and scientific debate by allowing his phony so-called "victory" in the Court of Appeal to stand. Basically, we won. Got it?

An alternative version of this statement (pdf) appears on the website of the British Chiropractic Association (no relation).


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