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As I noted yesterday, the "married twins" story is probably too widely disseminated to be finished off entirely. Still, it looks like a smidgeon of doubt is at last beginning to creep in. Writing in today's Guardian, Jon Henley wonders how seriously anyone would have taken the story if they'd heard it down the pub.

Assuming your brain is still functioning like the well-oiled piece of precision engineering it is, your response would, I trust, be: "That's a wind-up if ever I heard one. Think about it for a minute - you mean these two meet by accident, discover not only that they were both adopted but were born on exactly the same day in exactly the same town, and still never pause to wonder whether they might be related? Pull the other one. What did it say on their birth certificates?"

In his piece, Henley references the "excellent Heresy Corner blog". Clearly a man of taste and discrimination. Thanks, Jon.


Anonymous said…
Publicity's good, but still – Henley basically steals your story, along with all your most salient points...and you thank him?!
Anonymous said…
Humph to Jon Henley. Someone needs to do a bit of research before debunking.

I am adopted. It was explained to my adoptive parents that my birth date and place of birth had been obscured in order to protect the identity of my birth mother. It took quite a lot of digging to establish my place of birth, and I am still uncertain of my actual birthday. At one time this was a standard practice. The altered date and place are listed on my birth certificate.

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