Not safe for work

Quite a few people found their way to the Heresiarch's dungeon the other day courtesy of the one-man media empire that is Tim Worstall. (Thanks, Tim.) Sadly, this was not, for everyone, an entirely pain-free experience. Mark, writing on Tim's site, had the following tale of woe:

The link caused my employer’s net-nanny software to have hysterics. So I’ve now read it at home, and am looking forward to the warning from the IT people when I get to work in the morning….

Sorry, Mark, and to anyone else who found the link swallowed by their firm's smut-filter. I hope the IT guys were understanding once it was explained to them that the link led merely to a serious journalistic investigation of an important topical issue. With spanking. Some filters are set to reject identifiable blogs of any description, but the problem was more likely to have been caused by my use of the phrase "Nazi sex orgy" in the post's title. That was thoughtless of me, or perhaps it was just a cynical attempt to attract passing trade from Google (which didn't really work, by the way). I should have called it "Details of the Chelsea Basement", which might have suggested a treatise on property developing.

If you had similar trouble accessing the story, this should be perfectly safe.


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