Prime Location

This magnificent Queen Anne pile - South Pavilion, in the grounds of Wotton House in Buckinghamshire - once belonged to a camp, hammy, overrated old actor. It has now been acquired by Tony Blair.

Quite a coup, by all accounts. There are security concerns, however. Visitors to Wotton will apparently have a good view into the garden, and may even be able to watch the former PM counting his money. If he's not too busy saving the Middle East or doing his faith gig to spend any time there, of course.


Anonymous said…
I own a book from John Gielgud's library, a well-read copy of James Agate's Around Cinemas. Not from Wotton House though, but from his Cowley Street residence; Gielgud says so in the inscription otherwise I might have tried flogging it to Blair as an heirloom - he could read the 1940 entries while picturing the US standing by our side during the Blitz, as he imagines happened.

Nah, I have to keep it, couldn't part with it and its frontispiece, a lovely pic of Lillian Gish.
Heresiarch said…
Was that another of your ebay triumphs, or does it have a more glamorous provenance? I must say, you seem to have a magnificent collection of bits and bobs.
Anonymous said…
It was an orthodox bookseller buy from the estimable Peter Ellis back in 2001 - he was selling off Gielgud's library.

Heywood Hill recently sold off Ted Heath's library including a book warmly inscribed by Castro to Heath for about £40 I think it was - sold within seconds of the catalogue being issued of course. I would LOVE to have that one.

Wonder what Blair's library at the new hoose looks like and what the inscriptions say. Some of the visitors to your blog probably know. Actually i dislike Blair so much on so many grounds that I have stop typing here oh loathsome man he is.

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