Starlet in a wedding dress writhing for the camera
Post-punk princess and Marilyn clone

A farrago of leather,

Dance moves and crosses,

Peroxide, diamonds and New York chic

Corsetry by Gaultier with armoured gold bustier
Religious provocations and soft-core porn

A farrago of makeovers,

Handcuffs, hairstyles,

Sapphism, workouts and Vanilla Ice

Draughty British mansion and a mockney husband,
Spiritual pretensions and adopted airs

A farrago of horses,

Kabbalah, adoption,

Film-flops, facelifts and near divorce

(with apologies to John Masefield)


Anonymous said…
OK Heresiarch, but there must be a downside to Madonna surely?
Anonymous said…
As far as I am concerned this aging floosy should be 6' downside !!
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I feel nowhere near well-read enough to keep up with this blog.
Heresiarch said…
And sometimes I feel nowhere near well-read enough to write it... Try "Quinquereme of Nineveh" if you don't get it.
Anonymous said…
Excellent stuff! Madonna is the iconic celebrity of today because she is lacking in great beauty or talent, or even much personality, but has oodles of ambition and self-regard.

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