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Do spare a couple of minutes to watch this hard-hitting denunciation of the Beijing Olympics - "Bikini Olympics", more like - by Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid. The Islamic beard actually has some valuable points to make. About couch potatoes, for example:

All they do is sit and watch the sports channels. Some fathers come to me and ask if it is permitted to hook up just to the sports channels. It is for the kids, they say.

And about the absurdity of comparing the result of a football match - "people chasing an inflated piece of leather" with a great historic victory. But his main target is (surprise, surprise) the skimpy outfits worn by female athletes. The "exposure of women's private parts" at the games, thinks Al-Munajid, is "an enormous Satanic issue". "Women have never got naked for sports like they do in the Olympics," he laments. "It is aired to billions of people worldwide."

In Saudi Arabia, I suppose, "private parts" includes such things as hair and ankles.


Anonymous said…
Well just goes to show, when ignorance and bigotory are coupled what can be achieved.
In the original olympic games men (who were only allowed to compete)were naked.
It was only when they were clothed that a woman disguised as a man competed and won.

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