Jason Hollands: an apology

Last week the Heresiarch revealed a few details of the Oxford career of Sally Bercow, née Illman, including her relationship with the former Tory candidate and stockbroker Jason Hollands. After being contacted by a national newspaper journalist who had read the post - it appears that, as a perfect gentleman, he had nothing to tell them - Jason got in touch with the Heresiarch to correct a few factual errors which had crept into the report. Unfortunately, he neglected to put a title to his email, which resulted in its being consigned to the spam filter, where I discovered it only this morning. This corrective note is thus somewhat belated.

Mr Hollands informs me that he was never actually president of the Oxford University Conservative Association, as I had incorrectly recalled. He would also like it to be known that his political career did not "stall" - but, rather, "I dropped out of politics by choice". Anything you say, Jason. He further points out that Sally Illman was not (as I suggested) OUCA entertainments officer, but rather, as social secretary, had assisted Guy Feld during his legendary time in the post. This would appear to be true. Yesterday's Mail on Sunday had the full story - based on reports of the time in The Sun - of Illman's role in the notorious cabaret Feld organised in the serendipitously named Baring Room at Hertford College. Feld told the paper what happened:

Terry [the male stripper] complained about the lack of women in the audience. Sally dutifully went up on stage, where he blindfolded her and put a banana in her hand, causing her to shriek.

I don’t recall Terry naked with her at any time and I believe she ran away from him after shrieking. He got fully naked later but she was not undressed in any way.

There was also a female stripper whose act included a python and marshmallows - her interview in the Sun was headlined "My Tory toffs were so sweet". But, rather shockingly, the Mail's sleuths have discovered that "Terry" - who "performed his gyrations to the theme tune from the ITV series Minder" - was in fact the professional name of John Worboys, who earlier this year was convicted of raping several women who had been passengers in his London taxi.

The world is, indeed, stranger and more disturbing than we can possibly imagine.


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