The most evil regime

The beard has spoken:

It will not be right if we cite a report by some Zionist centers and accuse the system of corruption. This is not right at all. Accusing officials and figures of corruption unreasonably is not right either. Financial corruption is an important issue in the Islamic Republic system and we should seriously fight it at all levels of executive, legislative and judicial branches of powers. We are all duty-bound to fight it and if it is not contained, it will spread. Many countries of the world, including Western countries, that claim to fight corruption and money-laundering, are corrupt to their core. You have all heard about the expenses scandals in the British government and the parliament. The whole world heard the story and those were just parts of the story, it was a lot bigger than what you have heard.

(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)

No doubt, having seen off the agents of western counter-revolutionary destabilisation, the ayatollah will be poring over this morning's Telegraph, with its souvenir guide to expenses claims. Individual MPs' finances are tabulated like trump cards. But the information itself is not new. So what does Khamenei mean, exactly? I think we should be told.


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