Rebekah Brooks, forces' sweetheart

As editor of the Sun in January 2009, Rebekah Wade (as she then was) delivered the Hugh Cudlipp Memorial Lecture to journalism students. Here's just a part of it:

Last November on a visit to Afghanistan I found myself wandering around camp Bastian in search of a missing page three girl, (as you do) when I was apprehended by an angry sergeant major.

With clear contempt for my blue press flak jacket and out of bounds location, he sneered as he demanded to know what media outlet I was from.

The Sun, I said. Hoping this was the right answer. Well, it was as if I had told him he was coming back home to Brise Norton with us that night.

A broad smile. A big handshake. A thank you for all the Sun readers' support.

A shout to his colleagues, more thanks, everyone wearing our Help for Heroes band. Their pride in our pride for them.

And Becky, 22, from Bromley was safely returned.

I wonder what the Sergeant Major's reaction would be if she repeated her trip today?


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