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Fellow heretic Edwin (well known to CIFers under a different handle) has kindly sent me this copy of a doodle by Dr Rowan Williams, which he created as part of National Doodle Day to raise money for Epilepsy Action and Neurofibromatosis Association (and which Ed bought).

Graphologists and doodleologists will no doubt be able to read deep messages into the Primate's squiggles. There's something slightly Tudor about the script. There's the use of what turns out on close inspection to be the first line of a Latin prayer: Oculi omnium in te sperant domine (the eyes of all men look for hope to thee, O Lord). Does anyone else doodle in Latin? I also note the way the writing slopes down the page in a curve, almost like a graph describing fallling attendances at Anglican services.

Any other suggested interpretations would be most welcome.

Edwin would like to praise Dr Williams "in all decency" for doing the doodle. Quite so: and you too, Ed, for buying it.

He also asks me to post a link to the organisation's website which I'm happy to do:


"The doodles should go for more," he writes. Indeed. Apparently Rowan Williams' magnificent calligraphy went for less than a tenner.


Anonymous said…
Intrigued by RW's sign-off on his doodle - is the X marking a spot (sign here your Grace) or a mwa-kiss, and is that a loveheart in the middle of his initials (rowan *heart* williams)?

OldBagpuss - had no idea you we're Edwin :) let alone a collector.

Heresiarch said…
It's a cross, signifying his episcopal status. Actually it's a mark of his modesty: as an archbishop RW is entitled to two crosses: ++Rowan Cantuar.
Anonymous said…
Hi Parallax I am indeed the old Bag! Having lost my battle with the PCC Commission over the Guardian I feel I have to 'withdraw my essence' (as the Zohar has it) from Cif. In a bizarre conclusion which i still cannot fathom my case cannot stand up because I am not Tony Blair. I knew that before I complained, damn it. So now I move my basket to other places, the Indie even the Toxic postland of the Herald - and use my real name, Edwin Moore.

Heresiarch said…
A pity. You'll be missed. Have you thought about the Telegraph? Some real crazies post there.
Anonymous said…
Hmm have wondered actually. I look regularly at the Telegraph obits, and occasionally wander over to the posts also - i might join in, not sure. Few of the posters seem madder than me, really. One of the many things that put me seriously off the Guardian was the obit of George MacDonald Fraser. I am very proud to be able to say that George was a friend, despite our politics being galaxy-lengths apart - but that aside he was a great writer and deserved better than the spiteful keech in the Guardian.

Am happy enough to flit between blogs I like such as yours and anyway am buried under work for a change.

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