Via Guido, I hear news of a power-failure at the court of King Ken. The lights all went out after "flooding from a burst water-main", according to the Beeb. An omen? A pre-emptive cleaning out of the Augean Stables? Was someone trying to drown all the rats before they managed to escape? Or perhaps this may be relevant:

The announcement of the 1 May election results may have to move to another location as a result and officials are deciding between alternative buildings.

Somewhere low-key and anonymous, no doubt, with bad acoustics so no-one can hear Boris's victory speech.

The latest YouGov poll, again showing a strong lead for Boris, adds to the prevailing atmosphere of confusion. No-one has a clue, really. The pessimist in me is still calling this for Ken. But then it's always a good idea to put money on the team you really want to lose. That way, you can console yourself with a few drinks.


Alex said…
I haven't visited London for quite a long time. Is that a photograph of The Leaning Tower of Babel - presumably constructed to accommodate the interminable meetings and incomprehensible yammerings of Ken's courtiers?

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