Flat Earther speaks

Nice to know that scientific debate is alive and well in war-torn Iraq. Leading astronomer Fadhel Al-Sa’d here takes on the heretical dimwits who believe the earth is round. The Koran says otherwise. So does common sense.

Of course, as admirers of Terry Pratchett are well aware, the earth is not only flat but balanced on the back of a giant turtle. As to what the turtle is standing on, the standard response is "turtles all the way down."


Anonymous said…
The Saudi Grand Mufti seems not to have denied the earth is flat, merely that it does not rotate!
Anonymous said…
'So far, no doctor has succeeded in understanding how the eye works'.

Welcome, Iraq, to the wonderful world of free speech, where wisdom and total bollocks are weighed equally in the scales of uneducated opinion.
David said…
You see what you non Iraqis do not understand is the world does not revolve. The universe revolves aroud us.
Our globe is fixed in time it does not move, just like the omnipotent flatearthers!!

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