Pictures for the Attic

The picture on the left shows how Britney Spears might look in ten years time, according to boffins at They reckon that a combination of junk food, drink, drugs and general bad living will take a major toll. The picture on the right advances the aging process a further decade, offering us a glimpse of a 46 year-old dyed-blonde casualty of life who wouldn't look out of place on a checkout at ASDA.

Of course, she won't look anything like either of these images. She will have botox, surgery, and the attentions of a small army of stylists to neutralise the aging process. Kylie at not quite forty looks eerily similar to Kylie at 18, albeit with much improved hair. The once drug-addled Marianne Faithfull looks magnificent in her sixties. Assuming she manages to stay alive over the next few years, Britney will be no different. Mere mortals fall prey to the ravages of time and gravity, superstars do not.

But she'll certainly be locking the door to her attic.

Via The Superficial


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