Meeting Mandy

A caller on Any Answers comments, apropos Peter Mandelson:

"Ive not met him. I've only encountered him once, in a shop, and he horrified me."

With his usual journalistic ineptitude, Jonathan Dimbleby did not attempt to elicit more details of this encounter, or what the caller found especially horrifying. Any ideas?


Anonymous said…
Rod Liddle says in today's Sunday Times that Mandelson once took his trousers off during the course of an interview. Liddle doesn't expand on what happened, nor does he (thankfully) mention if Mandelson himself visibly expanded, but I suppose we are free to imagine the worst.

Labour has been on a self-destruct course since the invasion of Iraq, and I suppose there is something symbolic about Mandelson being a self-debagging rotter, but really this all gives me the creeps.

Who are these people? Last week in Wigtown I walked past Ming Campbell at least 3 times and had an unexpected urge to whack him, not because I suspected he may have got a slightly bigger crowd than me, but for not doing more to keep Charles Kennedy in politics.

Bring back real people! I've almost ceased to care about the politics: the Tory woman in Glasgow East, Kennedy, even the SNP and Labour have real people - but they're not coming through, damn it.

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